September Update

Matt has returned from Faffcon 8, and it’s back to business as usual (or as usual as VO work can be). It seems that many people are interested in Faffcon. We thought we would direct you to a stellar podcast that you may or may not already be listening to: The Voice Over Cafe. Episode 21 is a great place to start, and it was recorded Live! from Faffcon 7. Give the other episodes a listen too, it is well worth your time. The Voice Over Cafe is a podcast that is done BY voice over professionals, FOR voice over professionals, or those looking to become voiceover professionals. Matt is a part of The Voice Over Cafe team and you will hear him on the more recent episodes.

Give the below video a view while you’re here, it’s a great spot Matt recorded for Rabobank:

Posted by Matt Cowlrick


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